The Karla Story

Why was it written?

Fizzi and Lili have been best friends since they were 10.

Fizzi as a lawyer always dealt in words.  Lili has a magic watercolour talent.  They wanted to collaborate on a story.

Fizzi’s connection for many years to the Noosa tourism industry gave her a desire to honour the delights of Noosa with a story about an icon or mascot that locals or tourists could take away as a memento of this glorious destination. 

Koala spotting in the Noosa National Park has always brought joy to locals and tourists, young and old.  Our local koalas are cherished, but sadly under threat for their very existence.

While telling an entertaining story we also wanted to ensure that the book sales directly contributed to the conservation and preservation of the local Koalas to whom our book is dedicated.  Horrific recent bushfires sweeping through Koala habitats have highlighted this threat to us all.

In this our first book KARLA leaves the safety of her forest to experience a day’s new adventures in Hastings Street.

Highlights so far....

The launch of Karla at Sofitel Noosa.

 Dec 2019

A Koala Party to raise funds for Koala Crusaders. 

March 2020

A review of my book in the

Autumn issue of SALT

A Koala Party in Noosa raises money for Koala Crusaders!

September 2020

The launch of book 2

KARLA TO THE RESCUE at Fairshore Resort Noosa.

January 2021

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